Highlands Community Development District

12750 Citrus Park Lane, Suite 115, Tampa, FL 33625; 813-933-5571

Ayersworth Glen Clubhouse Information

Reminder: The pool, gym, playground, pavilions, AND Basketball court are still closed until further notice.
The closures are 24×7, not just during business hours.  Please remind children, teens and young adults.

Per the August 18, 2016 CDD Meeting Minutes – Fishing for residents is CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY.  Trespassing signs are to deter non residents from fishing in our ponds.
If you use our ponds to fish, use the easements to get to the ponds and not another residents property.  No parking is permitted on CDD areas (grass, sidewalks etc).

In addition, be advised you should not be trying to play with the gators in the ponds, throwing rocks or anything else at the wildlife.

Amenity Survey

We are once again looking for your input as to what amenities you would like to see added to our community.  We ran the survey from June to November 2019 and received 245 responses.  If you did not provide any input, you can do so now.  If you provided input but would like to add additional items, you can do so now.  We look forward to hearing from you.

This survey will be available until April 20th.

Click the link to proceed.

Stock photo of a school lunchCounty will be hosting the School Lunch program this week starting at 9 am to 9:30 am in the Clubhouse parking lot.  Eligible – kids 18 and under.

Share with neighbors and friends.  

Community Clubhouse Manager Contact Information

Ayersworth Glen Community Clubhouse
11102 Ayersworth Glen Blvd.
Wimauma, FL 33598
Phone: 813-633-3322
E-mail: awgclubhouse@gmail.com

Clubhouse Hours

Week of April 4, 2020 Open Close
Monday 4/6/2020
8:00 am 4:00 pm
Tuesday 4/7/2020
8:00 am
4:00 am
Wednesday 4/8/2020
 8:00 am  4:00 pm
Thursday 4/9/2020
8:00 am 4:00 pm
Friday 4/10/2020
7:30 am 3:30 pm

**Hours may change without notice**

Access cards available by appointment. Call 813-633-3322 or email awgclubhouse@gmail.com to obtain an appointment. Disclaimer- Walk-in’s may be turned away.


Community Meetings

Phase 1 HOA



Phase 2A HOA

No meeting scheduled

Phase 2B HOA



Phase 3A HOA




Phase 3B&C

No meeting scheduled

CDD Meetings

Meetings cancelled until


HOA Contacts

Phase 1 & 2A Stonegate
Citadel Property Management Company
905 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, Ste. 310
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Website: citadelpmg.com
Email: info@citadelpmg.com

Phase 2B Highland Meadows
Arkham Services
1645 Sun City Center Plz. #5129
Sun City Center, FL  33571
P: 800-235-1478
F: 844-634-3673

Arkham Services for Accounting: 800-235-1478 or manager@highlandmeadowshoa.org
For Violations contact the Violation Committee at violations@highlandmeadowshoa.org
If you need your Aidus Login information please send an email with your name, property address, email, and phone number to

Phase  3 A,B, & C StoneRidge
Sharon Gastelbondo, LCAM, CMCA
Portfolio Property Manager
Prime Community Management
Creative Association Services – CAS
Baytree Mgmt/Monteray Mgmt
346 East Central Avenue
Winter Haven, Florida 33880
Office – 863.293.7400
Fax – 863.508.1067
Email – Info@primehoa.com

Community Events

Virtual Egg Hunt

Happy Hunting!!
Hint, they all may not be in windows!!

This is the weekend for our virtual Easter Egg/Coloring Hunt. Get out and see all the great art work. I have seen some great art work over the past few days.

We will start looking for Eggs in the Windows Tuesday 3/31!! Send me the pictures of your work!! Will include in my email blast for all to admire.

Streets Participating are:
Haddon Mist
Kirkwall Port
Carloway Hills
Edinburgh Moor Dr
Standing Stone
Alistar Manor
Rainbow Pyrite
Carrick Stone
Argyle Manor
Barley Field
Ayersworth Glen Blvd

How many 80’s Songs can you find?
(click for larger image)


No cheating or googling the answers…

1) Which tow US States don’t observe Daylight Savings Time?

2) What was the first toy to be advertised on television? (Hint- it involves a vegetable)

Email your answers and at the end of the week the winner will be announced.  Click below

Word Scramble | The Streets We Live On
(click for larger image)


  1. Standing Stone
  2. Edinburgh Moor
  3. Kirkwall Port
  4. Carloway Hills
  5. Rannoch Moor
  6. Alistar Manor
  7. Rainbow Pyrite
  8. Argyle Manor
  9. Haddon Mist
  10. Carrick Stone
  11. Dunrobin
  12. Boulder Pass
  13. Barley Field
  14. Brogan Castle
  15. Duncore Cottage
  16. Callen Glen Way
  17. Crescent Rock
  18. Diamond View
  19. Emerald Landing
  20. Opal Ridge
  21. Scottburgh Glen
  22. Kelly Green
  23. Misty Moss
  24. Tropical Violet
  25. Imperial Purple
  26. English Lavender

(click for larger image)

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